Technical Support

For your protection, do not use this form to send credit card or other sensitive information. To discuss confidential information, payment issues please call Med-Stop at 1-877-633-3633. For general Med-Stop information and more contact options click here. Thank You.

Quest Diagnostics Contact and Support

Please contact Quest Diagnostics for the information and support related to the collections performed by the Quest Diagnostics affiliated sites. Click here to visit the Quest Diagnostics contact web page or call 1-866-697-8378. Med-Stop does not provide direct support for the issues occurring during the collections in the Quest Diagnostics sites.

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Message Description
Med_Stop_HelpMed-Stop Help
Logging_in_to_to_Med_StopLogging in to to Med-Stop
Managing_the_documentsManaging the documents
Test_Request_detailsTest Request details
Test_DefinitionTest Definition
Create_new_Test_RequestCreate new Test Request
Employee_employment_statusEmployee employment status
Welcome_screen___Quick_Tasks_and_StatisticsWelcome screen - Quick Tasks and Statistics
Employee_definitionEmployee definition
Pool_selectionsPool selections