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Using Med-Stop / Managing the documents

The Documents

Med-Stop allows you to manage the documents stored in the computer system in an electronic format. The documents can be attached to a specific record of data, for example, the employee information, test information or accident record.

To create a new document for the specific record please locate the documents tab in the active record window. You will find the New button in the top left corner of the window.

The New Document

Document allows you to create a new document in the Med-Stop system and attach it to the selected record.

First, you need to scan or upload the selected document.

The scanning of the documents is available only when using the Med-Stop System Client - add-in software application that you can download and install on your computer.

To upload the document, please make sure you have it prepared properly for upload. The recommended format for all documents is Adobe Acrobat PDF file, but you can use any format that best suits your needs. Whatever you upload you will get back when retrieving the documents from Med-Stop system.

Please remember that the document must be uploaded to the Med-Stop server over the internet connection and because of this it is very important to keep the size of the file as small as possible.

In most cases, the scan settings for preparing the documents can be set to 200dpi using gray-scale colors only.

When the document is uploaded you will be able to see the document type and size and proceed with the Document next step.

The Med-Stop document management system will try to automatically recognize the document type you uploaded and the proper record the document should be attached to. If this procedure cannot make the right choice you will be presented with the options to describe the document.

Select the document category - it depends on what type of record the document should be attached. For some categories, additional information will be required. For example, when storing the Driver's License image, you will be asked to provide this document with an additional specification like the license number and expiration date.

Documents list

When you complete the Document the new document is attached to the specified record and you can see the description on the document list for that record.

You can remove the document at any time - if your security level allows it - by selecting the document row and pressing the Delete button.

Clicking on the document record row will retrieve that document for you - the new window with document download will open.


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