Your Solution for Employee and Employment Compliance Management

Med-Stop is an advanced and secure management system specifically designed to ensure employee and employment compliance supervision and management. With full compliance to DOT regulations, Med-Stop eliminates the need for paper documents, making the process more efficient and environmentally friendly. Our system is ideal for companies and individuals who are required to perform and document periodical medical tests as mandated by their employer, a government agency, or their own company policy. With over 20 years of experience, Med-Stop is trusted by thousands of companies who rely on our system every day.

Med-Stop integrates all the necessary functions of consortiums and third-party administrators into a user-friendly online platform. Our system offers automatic random selection and report generation, providing instant results to authorized individuals. Additionally, our test site locator works with thousands of test sites nationwide, ensuring convenient access for all users. Whether your industry is DOT regulated or not, Med-Stop caters to your specific needs.

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