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Med-Stop performs drug testing for registered Companies and Individuals only. In order to preform drug testing in an affiliate location you need to register with Med-Stop. Some Test Sites require a pre-printed drug testing form, that can be ordered from Med-Stop.

Drug testing near NEPTUNE NJ 07753

Med-Stop has test sites open near NEPTUNE NJ 07753 - please check the map above. Random, pre-employment drug screening services around NEPTUNE NJ 07753 may be performed by Med-Stop if you are registered with Med-stop. Companies have to register online in order to use our services. This has to be done in advance before you actually perform drug testing. Refer to map above for detailed info about this testing location for DOT Drug Testing and Non DOT Drug testing. Alcohol testing and medical examinations can be performed only in Med-stop managed locations indicated by a red marker on the map. DOT and Drug Free Workplace Programs near NEPTUNE NJ 07753 are also available.