Last Updated: 06/29/2020

Getting started / Logging in to to Med-Stop

Accessing the Med-Stop login screen

You can locate the sign-in link on our web page Selecting a link will take you to the Med-Stop login screen.

First, your computer and your internet settings will be determined to verify that they meet Med-Stop system requirements.

Logging in

The login screen has two input fields: User Name and Password fields. Please enter your login username and password.

The user name and password are case sensitive and must meet the complexity requirements.

Press the login button when ready.

For security reasons the number of invalid login retries (when your username and/or password are wrong) is limited to 5 attempts. The station will be locked for 10 minutes after the fifth incorrect login.

When your user name and password are positively verified you will gain to your Welcome screen.

Do you need more information?

If you need our assistance, or want to know more about Med-Stop, please use our Support contact form, send e-mail to or call at 1-(877) 633-3633

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