Last Updated: 03/13/2019

Random Selection Service / Random Selection Settings

DOT Regulated Pool – if your company activated both DOT regulated and non-DOT service you have to select if the pool should describe the DOT regulated random selection or not. If you company has only DOT or only non-DOT employees this option is pre-selected and you cannot change it. If you are trying to create the DOT regulated pool and this type of pool for the specified test type already exists, the will not let you create one.

Description – you can describe the pool in few words, this field is optional – you don’t have to.

Target Percentage – this is the main parameter of the pool: describes how many random selection should be performed to the end of the calendar year. This percentage is taken from the average number of the pool members. For example if there are 100 pool members during the whole selection period, and you specify the Target Percentage to be 20%, 20 employees will be selected for random testing during this time.

For DOT regulated pools this Target percentage value is determined yearly by the DOT and to comply with the DOT regulations your company is obligated to do at least as many random selections as calculated based on this required target percentage. Currently the rates are 50% for the random drug testing, 10% for alcohol testing, and are update annually by the DOT. You can specify higher rates, if that is required by your company policy, but not lower that DOT required.

Double Jeopardy Selection – this option is available only for non-DOT regulated pools. To lover the random testing selection overhead for your company, you can set this option to YES and the random selection process will try to select the same employee for both drug and alcohol random selections in the same time. When the employee is selected randomly for example for the drug test, the alcohol test selection will be assigned to the same employee at the same date and time.

Selection Frequency – specify how long the selection period should be, how many times during the calendar year the full selection should be performed. For DOT regulated pools please select the selection frequency to be one quarter or shorter. When the random selection is processed at shorter periods, the average number of employees is calculated more frequently and it lowers the possibility of the difference between your company real number of employees and the average calculation required by the DOT.

Earliest Selection Date – the date when the random selection starts. It is usually the date the pool is created. You can schedule the random selection start in the future by setting the future date. The pool is not recalculated as long as this date is not meet.

Latest Selection Date – the date the latest random selection can be generated, the latest random test can be performed. By default it is the last date of the current calendar year. For DOT regulated pools you should not move this date much before the year end as this can affect the calculation of your company average number of employees. 

Add all Valid Employees to the Pool Members list – indicates that when the pool is created all employees meeting the pool settings – DOT or non-DOT regulated, with the specific employment status will be automatically added to the pool members list. If you set this option to NO, the pool member list will be empty and you have to manually assign the members to the pool.

Automatically update Pool Members – our system can automatically synchronize the pool members list with your company employees list. If this option is set to YES, creating new employee that meets the pool settings (DOT/non-DOT, employment status) will automatically add him/her to the pool member list. Terminating, removing any employee that is also a random pool member, will remove him/her from the pool member list.

If you set this option to NO, you will have to maintain the pool members manually. This can be useful for non-DOT regulated pools if your company wants to randomly test for example the employees from one department, category.

Include Employees with Status – specifies the employment status the employee has to be automatically included in the random pool member’s list. By default all employees are included.

You can set a specific rule, for example if you know, that all the OWNER OPERATOR employees working for your company are members of some random testing consortium and are randomly tested by this consortium. Then you can deselect the OWNER OPERATOR status and the employees with this status will be not automatically included as a pool members.

Skip Selections for Periods before the Pool Start – this option is available only for DOT regulated pools. For pools starting later in the year it is important to specify if the random selection process should cover the whole year selections or just from the date when the pool is starting. If you set this option to NO the random selections will be generated based on the pool target percentage and average number of members. If you set this option to YES the target percentage will be lowered by the number covering the skipped periods.  For DOT regulated employers it is allowed to skip the selections for the periods the company was not a DOT regulated, did not exist at all.

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