Last Updated: 03/13/2019

Random Selection Service / Random Selection Service Definition

The Med-Stop Random Selection Service allows your company to organize and conduct the random selection and testing procedures according to the Department of Transportation strict rules and regulations or company specific requirements.

Our Random Selection service is an integral module of the Med-Stop for Employers web application. This integration allows your company to save a lot of time and fully control and maintain the whole process of the random selection.

Your company random pools can be maintained automatically – no more duplicate lists of the employees and pool members. The automatic, computer controlled random selection process meets all the DOT regulations as well as can be customized to your company specific needs. The daily statistics and extensive reporting will not let you miss any random selection targets. Starting from the random pool management, random selection, through the integrated test request and notification and ending with the completed test, all the information is securely stored and managed by the Med-Stop for Employers.

The Med-Stop Random Service is a totally free solution, can be activated at any time from your Med-Stop for Employers web application.

Random testing

Random testing is the scientific method of selecting an individual(s) for substance abuse and alcohol testing based on matching the individual's identification number (such as social security number or payroll number) to a random number generator or table.

DOT Employers who meet the requirements of CFR 49 Part 382 and any other non-DOT employer that seeks to promote a drug-free work environment can implement the random testing selection procedure. Because random tests are unannounced and typically spread throughout the calendar year, they help to establish and maintain a safe, drug and alcohol-free work environment.

Med-Stop Random Selection service

Med-Stop gives your company the possibility to use the Random Selection service. This service is fully integrated into Med-Stop for Employers. Once implemented, it will perform all required functions automatically and will provide accurate selections according to regulations. No more duplicate list of employees, no more manual random pool maintenance or faxing of new employee records to TPA or Consortium. Med-Stop will automatically control your average number of random pool members, show current and expected percentage of compliance, and provide full reporting capability to your auditors.



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