Last Updated: 03/13/2019

Random Selection Service / Pool members

Pool Members

To verify and manage the pool members, open the Pool details window and select the Members option from the top menu.

Active Members

The default list shows the active pool members. You can specify the date in the top left part of the window to see who was a pool member on the specific date.

The list has the following columns: employee name, Member From - the date the employee was assigned as a pool member, Membership End - the date the employee was removed from the pool members list and the employee Status column.

For the pools that the pool members list is not automatically synchronized with the employee list - Auto Update Members set to NO - you can select and remove the members from the pool members list. Select the employee rows and press Remove button.

Employees not in the pool - Not Members

To see the employees that are not in the pool select NOT MEMBERS option from the selection list.

This shows the employees that can be included in the pool but are not or were removed from the pool mmebers list.

To add the employee to the pool select the employee record and press Include in Pool button.

Excluded employees

If for some reason the employee cannot be a part of the random selection pool, you can exclude him/her from the automatic pool member update.

To do that open the Employee details window, go to the Random screen - select Random from the top menu and specify from what type of pools the employee should be excluded and why.

The EXCLUDED list of the pool members list shows the excluded employees. You can click on the employee record to go to the employee random window - verify the exclusion reason.

You can also force the employee to be included again in the pool - select the record and press Include in Pool button.

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