Last Updated: 03/13/2019

Random Selection Service / Creating a new selection Pool

Random Selection Pool describes the parameters, options of the random selection process, lists the pool members – the employees that participate in the selection process, maintains the list of the random selections and records all the history of the random selection.

If you selected the option during the company Med-Stop Random Service setup, that the DOT regulated pools should be created automatically, you do not need to worry about creating new pools. The pools are created when the service is activated as well as on every calendar year start.

For DOT regulated pools there are separate pools for Alcohol Testing and Drug Testing. The default selection rates are based on the DOT required defaults. There can be only one active DOT pool for specific testing type in any moment.

If your company is using the non-DOT regulated Med-Stop Random Service, you can create as many pools as you like, set the target percentage that is determined by your company internal procedures.

To create new Random Selection Pool select Random menu from the Med-Stop for employers main menu and click on “New Random Pool” item.

New Random Selection Pool

To create a new pool, select the Random sub menu of the main menu and click on the New Random Pool option.

This starts the Random Selection Pool, that guides you over the pool creation process.

First specify the pool service and DOT status. You can also add some short description of the pool.

If the active DOT pool for the selected service already exists you cannot create the second pool for the same service.

In the next step specify the pool options. For DOT pools the Target Percentage is automatically set accorfing to the DOT selection rates.

You can specify if your pool is a Double Jeopardy Selection pool. This means that the selection process will first try to find the selected employees that are scheduled for the other type of test, and assign the selection for the service to the same employee. For example if the employee is selected to perform the random urine drug test, the Double Jeopardy Selection for the alcohol pool will select the same employee to perform the random alcohol test on the same date. This procedure is allowed by the DOT regulations.

Select the selection frequency and the pool start and end dates.

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