Last Updated: 03/13/2019

Random Selection Service / Med-Stop Random Service Activation Wizard

During this setup you should specify the following options:

Activate the Random Selection Service for a specific test type and DOT status – you can activate the service for specific service or for all services. Select the YES option to activate the service for specific test type and DOT status.

Automatically create DOT Pools – for DOT regulated random selection the pools can be created automatically – in the time of the Random Service activation and always on the New Year start. Set this option to YES to allow the Med-Stop Random Service to create new pools with the default options and DOT specified target percentage. If you set this option to NO, you are responsible for creating the random selection pools. You will need to setup the pool for every test type using the New Random Pool.

If your company wants to complete more random tests that required by DOT, if you want to set higher percentage of the selection that required by DOT, set this option to NO and later create the random pools, specify the Target Percentage you need.

Automatically update Pool Members – this option tells the system if you want to include all eligible employees in the random selection pool. Set this option to YES if you want to keep the pool member list synchronized with your employee list. If for some reason you want to maintain the pool members manually – select NO – you will have to pick the employees that are the pool member later, remove the ones that are no longer available for random testing.

Default Selection Frequency – specify how often the random selection should occur. For DOT regulated pools it is highly recommended to select QUARTERLY, BI-MONTHLY or MONTHLY periods. This compensate the number of employee, pool member fluctuation, assures similar number of tests done in specified selection period and spreads them equally thru the calendar year. 

Include Employees with Status – when the pool member list is automatically synchronized with your company employee list, you can additionally specify the employment status of the employee that will qualify him/her as a pool member. By default all the active employees are incuded as a pool members.

When you activate the Med-Stop Random service you have to agree to the Med-Stop Random Service Terms and Conditions agreement. Please print out this agreement and fax the signed copy to us – please do not use any cover page.

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