Last Updated: 03/13/2019

Random Selection Service / DOT Random Testing Consortium

If your company is DOT regulated and employs one employee, if you are the owner-operator, you still need to comply with the DOT regulations in the area of the random drug and alcohol testing. According to the DOT regulations 49 C.F.R. § 382.103 a DOT regulated employer who employs only himself/herself as a driver, must implement an alcohol and controlled substances testing program that includes more persons than himself/herself as covered employees in the random testing pool. Thus an owner-operator essentially must join a consortium.

Med-Stop Random Service is not a consortium type of service. Our service is designed to be per one employer random testing service, and we do not put one person employers into any bigger pools. Please be advised that you should not use the Med-Stop Random Service if your company is a one person operation.

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