Last Updated: 03/13/2019

Getting started / Registering with Med-Stop


To use our services please register your company using the registration on our web page at

This is a step by step process collecting the required information about your company, about primary contact, allows you to set up the most important options of Med-Stop for Employers service.

To register your company you have to agree to the Terms of Service and you need to be a legally authorized person to bind your company to this agreement.

Do not use the Registration form when you forget your username and password or have problems with logging in into Med-Stop for any reason when you know your company is already registered with Med-Stop.

Required Information

Successful registration requires detailed information about your company. Please be sure to have it ready when starting the registration process.

DOT and non-DOT companies

One of the main points of the registration process is to specify your company DOT status.

If all of your employees are DOT regulated please select DOT REGULATED company option. If you do not have a DOT regulated employees - select non-DOT option. If you have some DOT and some non-DOT employees select the DOT and non-DOT option.

For DOT regulated company you have to specify the DOT agency that best describes your DOT regulation status.


Do you need more information?

If you need our assistance, or want to know more about Med-Stop, please use our Support contact form, send e-mail to or call at 1-(877) 633-3633