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Using Med-Stop / Lists

Information Lists

Most information is presented to you in the form of lists, for example Employee list and Test list. You can search and find specific records that meet your criteria, select and deselect rows to perform additional actions, and access record details.

The list contains the following topics:

Navigation and Actions bar

In the top part of the list you can locate the list navigation and actions bar. Navigation buttons are located on the left side of the bar. If the selected records cannot be shown on one page you can access the list pages using the number of pages directly or click back and forth using the page buttons. The first button gets you to the first pages of the list data. The next button allows you to select previous page to the currently selected. If you are on the first page of the list data this action will have no effect. There is Forward button just after the list page selector - clicking this button gets you to the next list page if the one exists. And the last button takes you to the last page of the list data.

You can specify how much records you want to see on one page by selecting the page size from the Show XX list. It is a good practice to select the page size that fits on your screen with no scrolling.

On some lists you can see action buttons on the left part of the navigation bar. These actions are performaed on the selected records of the list. First select the records and then click the action button to process the records.

Search options

The main idea of the list is to present the information you just need to get. In the left top part of the screen you can see the Search box.

First label of this box shows the search results - how many records meet your search criteria. If no record is found the label says: Information not found.

The main search option is to specify the Search Text - any number of letters, words that identify the information you want to see. This search phrase is matched against most common fields of the selected list. For example, searching for a specific Employee you can type: the last name, the Social Security number, the Driver's License, or the Employee phone number.

There are the specific list filters then in the Search box. Each one filters a specific aspect of the information - you can mix them to achieve a desired result.

To perform a search press the Search button. This will refresh the list and show the records matching your search query. To reset the list to the default press the Reset button.

There is also the Details button that allows you to hide / show the advanced search options - if you use only the Search text to locate the information you can hide the advanced options.

In the top part of the Search box you can see the Search Group selector and actions. The Search Groups is a feature that alows you to save you commonly used search options and use them later just by selecting the option from the list. For more information on Search Groups please click here.

Column labels

Every colum of the list has its label on the top of the list. This labe descibes the column content and also is used to sort the records according to the column value.

To sort the record according to the column's contents click on the column label. If you double click on the selected column label the sort direction will change to the opposite.

The sort order columns are highlighted and you can see the sort direction arrrow on the end of the column label field.

To sort the records using more then one column press the CTRL key on your keyboard when clicking on the next column. This will sort the records by more then one column data.

List rows

The list rows represent the data rows you selected. One row is a one record of the data.

If the row data selection is possible you will see the gray box on the left side of each row. Clicking on it will select or deselect the row. The row is highlighted and you can perform actions on the row data.

In most cases clicking on the row fields will open the window with the selected row information details. This information can be field sensitive meaning that clicking on diffrent fields will get you to a diffrent aspect of the selected record information.

List message

On the bottom of the list usually you can see a short message describing the actions you can take or the information that the records were not found when no data met your search criteria.

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