Last Updated: 03/13/2019

Using Med-Stop / List Search Groups

Search Groups

To assist you with the search process on the information list our system allows you to save the search criteria in the form of a Search Group.

To create new Group locate the Create button just below the Search Group selection list. Click on it - this action opens the Search Group.

Describe your group - fill the Search Group Description field. Use the short label for the group description as it has to fit into Search Group selection list.

The Search Group can be created as the default search setup for the selected list. It means that returning to this list will select the information records according to this default group setup.

You can make the group private - this means that only you can see and access this group - or the group can be company wide - to do this set the Private Group option to NO.

Specifing the information you want to get

There are two ways of selecting groups of records on the list:

- set the search criteria - filters and search text

- select specific records of data on the list

You have to specify the search group settings before you hit the Create button and start the. You can mix this two ways - select search parameters and specific records on the list.

In some cases if additional filters are defined for the selected list in the Med-Stop system you will get an additional step to select the filters. These filters extend the search options you can see in the search box. For example: in the Employee List you would like to get only female employees. There is no direct way to select this from the search options, but the additional filters can be defined to help you with that.

If you cannot see the filter you would like to use - please describe it and we will create one if possible.

Removing the Search Group setup

If you do not need the Search Group setup anymore, locate the Delete button just below the Search Group selection list - click on it. This will delete the group that was created by you - you cannot delete the default groups and groups created by other users.

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