Last Updated: 03/13/2019

Random Selection Service / Create a Test Record for Random Selection

Random Selection closing test

The Random Selection is closed, completed by the employee performing the random test.

If the employee performs the requested random test in one of the Med-Stop locations, the test information is automatically entered into the system and related random selection is closed.

If the employee cannot visit the Med-Stop location for the random test, and performs the test in other location, you have to create the test record.

Create Test Record for Random Selection

To create the test record that closes the random selection, go to the Selection details window and locate the Record Test Info on the bottom of the screen.

Pressing this button will start the Employee Test Record and allows you to create the test record.

When there is a random test record in the Med-Stop syetm for the selected employee and he/she has the open random selection, the Change Status button on the bottom of the Selection details window will open the screen that allows you to close the selection - selecting the random completed test.

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