Last Updated: 03/13/2019

Using Med-Stop / Wizards


Most new information in Med-Stop is created by using the.

The is a step by step guide window that allows you to input and verify information in steps, minimizing the possibility of errors or missing data.

Wizard navigation

In the top part of the window you can see the label describing what you are using this for. Below that label the short explanation of the current step is located.

The main area of the is a data input field. You can use TAB button or arrow buttons to navigate between the fields. The selected field is highlighted.

On the bottom you can find the following buttons:


cancels the - the information you entered so far is lost.


allows you to navigate to the previous page.


steps forward in the data collection proces.


located on the last page of the performs final action. As long as you do not press the finish button the Finish action is not performed - you can press the Cancel button with no consequences to your data.

The data collection process performed by the is ended on the final screen by pressing the Finish button.

Please make sure all information entered is correct before pressing the finish button - you can step back to previous pages to verify the data.

In some cases if the additional tasks can be performed after the data creation task is completed, you will find: Show additional Tasks on Finish selection box. Selecting YES will take you to the additional screen after you press finish button, from the list of possible actions.

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