Last Updated: 03/13/2019

Using Med-Stop / Windows

Information windows

Most details about a selected record - for example employee, test, accident - is presented to you in the details window.

If the window does not open please make sure your internet browser is not blocking the windows from the Med-Stop pages. Refer to your browser documentation on how to add the Med-Stop domain to the "allow" list.

The window has the following areas:

Window Menu

On the top of the window you can see the window menu that allow you to navigate to different aspects of the selected record information.


The window title and some short descriptions of the selected record are shown here. On the right side of the infobar you can also see the Print button. This button allows you to print specific forms, reports related to the selected record.

Record details and information

The main window area usually presents some information to you. There is an option to update the record data, some information can be presented in the form of a list.

To update the record information you have to press the Update button - if you change the data and close the window the change is not saved to the system.


The navibar is located in the bottom part of the window. You can see some buttons there that allow actions to be performed on the selected data record.

To close the window press the Close button.

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