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Med-Stop Help / Using Med-Stop system via internet browser

Med-Stop Tresting Station service access

In order to make a record of a test, please go to

In order to be able to perform the tests all of med-stop stations have to be authorized in the system. Since this is a procedure that is performed manually, you need to call a number that is located at the top right corner of the screen. Alternatively, the instructions on the screen below the login prompt will give you an idea on how to have the station authorized.
When calling a call center you would have to be in front of the station and have this browser in front of you. An operator will require the Station Authorization code located a couple of lines below the Login button as well as information where this computer is located physically. Other relevant verification can be required.

At this step you are required to log in using your individual username and password. Make sure you do not write your login data on a piece of paper and, worse, stick it to your monitor for everyone to see. Everyone means your colleagues, patients, bystanders and random personnel like cleaning stuff or your mailman. Please remember your login data and do not write it anywhere. If there is a need to write it down, keep your login data in a safe place, since this is safety of our customers’ personal data that is in question.
Please note that you will be assigned a set of privileges for the Med-Stop system that control what types of test you can perform and what information you may access.


Depending on your privileges and your account status there may be different prompts and alerts shown upon login. Some alerts are critical and you would not be able to proceed to the test without correcting them, some may be temporarily omitted, however it is not recommended.

Clicking on the appointed update area (Click here to update your Medical Insurance information) would bring up the screen where the information can be updated. In our example the insurance information is missing and the screen that follows requires updating this information. Proceeding to perform medical examination will not be possible, since the medical doctor or chiropractor has to have a valid medical license as well as medical insurance information on file and always up to date.

 You will notice that the personal information is not available to be edited by default. This is done to avoid mistakes and accidental corrections. In order to update this information, click “Protected Info Update” button at the bottom of the screen. Always make sure that you are logged in using your own username and password when performing the update.

 There are different roles that one would perform:
Drug test sample collection
Alcohol testing
Medical/physical examination
You will be asked what roles you are certified and ready to perform during initial user set up by your location administrator or by Med-Stop personnel.

Drug test collectors as well as alcohol sample collectors do not necessarily have to provide Medical license and malpractice insurance information. However it is required for all the Medical Doctors and Chiropractors that perform medical examinations to initially provide and keep this information updated at all times. Please note, that the system will remind you (Figure II-6) when approaching to respective expiration date to update the info. Failure to update the information will result in automatic suspension of privilege to perform medical examination, but alcohol and/or drug testing privilege will remain, if those roles are initially added.



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