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Using Med-Stop / Special and formatted input fields

Date field

The input field that requires the date to be entered validates and formats the numbers you type to be a correct date. The best practice is to type the full date - digits only. Start by entering two digit month number, two digits day number and full four digits year. If the month or day number is one digit - add zero to the begining of the number.

You can use two digits for the year, if you enter 00-19 the year is formated to 20XX, for 20-99 range the year is formated to 19XX.

In most cases to enter the date into the date field you can use the calendar. You will locate the calendar button just after the input field. Click on the button to open the calendar window. You can select the year, month and specific day - click on the calendar to select it and insert to the input field.

Phone field

To enter phone number in the Med-Stop system, just type the phone number digits - start with the area code - then input the actual phone number. The number will be formated as you type to be a valid US phone number with area code. When you update the data the phone numkber is validated and triggers the error message if the data is invalid.

Usually you can find the phone extension - Ext - field just after the phone number field. You can type any string of characters into that box - max 20 chars long.

Social Security Number field

The Social Security Number field is autoamtically formated and validated as you type. Please type only digits - the field will not allow you to enter any other character.

In most cases the Social Security Number field is not a required information. You do not have to provide it to identify the employee, user.

Please verify carefully that the Social Security Number is entered correctly - that you did not exchange some digits, entered the wrong number.

Postal Zip Code field

The postal zip code field allows you to enter automatically formated and validated zip code specific to the country selected in the same address block. In case the country selection is not possible the US address is assumed and the zip code is formated to the US postal zip code format. You can enter 5 digit zip code or extended 5+4 code.

Entering the proper zip code will automatically update the City and State fields.

E-mail address field

Valid internet e-mail address must be entered. All characters will be made lower case automatically. The e-mail address must be in the format of: name@domain.nnn

Web link - URL field

Information entered will be formated to the valid internet address - please do not type the protocol specification - for example http:// or https://. Your input will be formated as lower case characters.

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