Last Updated: 03/13/2019

Med-Stop Help / Med-Stop Help window

Med-Stop Help

Med-Stop Help is a context-sensitive guide providing additional information about every aspect of Med-Stop system. By pressing F1 or clicking on the Help button in Med-Stop system the Help window will open. It shows useful tips and solutions for the place you are in now. To find related topics you can use Table of Contents or search Help for more related information.

Most of the help categories contain How Do I ... sections that provide step by step guide for your current task.

In case we cannot locate the appropriate Help topic you can occasionally get the "Help Topic not found page." You will be provided with the option to submit your question to Med-Stop support.

On the top of the Help window you can find the following menu buttons:


clicking on this button will get you to the Help Table of Contents


the current, selected Help topic content and information printouts


allows you to search entire help collection or specific Help category


Help window has the following buttons in the top right part of the window:


help us improve the Help information by rating presented content


ask Questions related to the selecte topic


press this button to print Help topic


closes the Help window


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