Last Updated: 03/13/2019

Employees / Employee list

Employee List

The Employee list shows information about the employees in your company. There are following employee lists:

Active Employee list

shows active employees - employee name, DOT status, driver's license expiration, medical examination expiration, date of last drug and alcohol tests, compliance status and employment status.

DOT / Non-DOT Active Employees list

If your company employs DOT and non-DOT employees there are two separate lists grouping the employees by DOT status.


the list of company applicants. Please maintain this list carefully, update the applicant status when it is hired by your company or removed from the applicant list.

Terminated Employes

to access terminated employees records and testing history use this list. It shows all termianted employees that were in some period of time on your active employees list. The information about the terminated employees is read-only - you can retrieve it but not change it.

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