Last Updated: 03/13/2019

Using Med-Stop / Advantages to using Med-Stop WebClient

·       Ability to scan directly into the system

·       Ability to use Breath Alcohol Testing software

·       Printing out directly onto a connected printers without checking settings each time

You can literally make a drug or a medical test in a matter of minutes resulting in a higher customer satisfaction as well as ability to process more customers.


Client is a software that serves as a shell around a browser that facilitates functions like scanning, uploading, authorization and printing transparent to a regular user. It has to be installed and configured for initial use and while there is certain assistance required from the Med-Stop call center, later it serves as a great help when it comes to performing a variety of tasks.


There are, however, situations where use of Client is impossible like on corporate network computers or computers with limited user access where Client software cannot be installed due to administrative limitations. For this purpose a browser can be used.

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